Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Women in America are Helping Women in Africa

This is really becoming a community project. I love it when people stop by to help or bring donations.  
My neighbor Lynda MacGregor came over and helped pack boxes of books.
Gail Magnani inspects the sewing machines to see what types of needle they need.

Gail bought 10 brand new backpacks and lots of school supplies. She received this limited edition print as a thank you gift for her donation.

Jewelry and Fiber Artist Donna Barnako donated to purchase the power converters needed to get the machines working in Africa. Thanks Donna!

Every day I seem to get one Ghanaian experience. When the recycling truck arrived I could tell that one of the drives looked Ghanaian, and he was. He was excited to see my garage full of donations going to help the poor children in his county. We chatted a bit and I tried to impress him with my limited vocabulary in Twi. I must step up my lessons if I am going back this Fall.

So it was a good day on the America to Africa front.