Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update on Project Progress

In the past two weeks I have gone back to Home Depot again and again to buy more paint for the deck we are painting at home. (31 gallons so far, it is just drinking paint) Quite often I meet someone from Ghana there and enjoy chatting with them and using my limited vocabulary in Twi. Today was no different. As my husband and I walked in to the store this morning he looked at me and said "You are not going to look for Ghanaians to talk to are you?" "Oh no," I said "we will just buy our paint and go home". The next thing he knows I am off down an aisle having a wonderful chat with two people form Ghana and one from Nigeria. I love meeting Africans.  I gave them my cards and told them about the project. I get so excited when I get to talk to people from Ghana here in the US. I am so glad I live in such an international community. Meeting Ghanaians makes the children in Teshie and my friends at Future Leaders seem not so very far away. I miss them.

I have several balls in the air now in ways to help Billa and the children. On the business side; I have spent hours researching the best way to start a chapter of Future Leaders here in the US so I can collect monetary donations. It is not as simple as I hoped it would be. So if there are there any lawyers or accountants out there who would like to take on this task, call me. I am much better at creative endeavors. On the creative side; I have spent time writing my children's book about the project, I have been applying layer upon layer of varnish and framing my paintings, (This is a multi-day process to achieve the vibrancy of the colors of Africa), I am building a new website with a store feature to sell paintings and prints of my paintings on-line. And of coarse, I paint every day. Since moving my studio home last spring I have been slowly taking over the house with my work.  My paints and brushes are always out and I can pick them up anytime night or day. And I do.

On the left is the table by the window where I sit and write my children's book. On the right table my paints and bruses are always out and ready to go.

As you can see from this picture my finished painting were slowly taking over my family room.

So, I am turning this little room into a showroom for finished paintings. I may have an open house when it is ready.  I finally, after all these years of painting feel like I have a style and niche that is truly my own.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Waples Mill Elementary to Help

 I am adjusting to a quiet house after my youngest child has gone off to college by filling my thoughts with the children in Ghana. I have been busy painting, writing, varnishing and framing. I must have Ghana on my mind because I seem to meet Ghanaians where ever I go. I think I may be looking for them and listening for the accent. Most are surprised to hear me speak a little Twi, happy to hear about my project and have offered to help make the connections needed so I can ship donations inexpensively. That was the missing piece! I love bringing donations there myself but I am running through my husband's frequent flyer points and there is only so much one woman can bring in her suitcases.  I am so excited that Mrs. Scadron at my local elementary school, Waples Mill has offered to organize a donation drive. She is going to get some of her fellow teachers involved too. Last year Mrs. McNeils class blew me away with their donations. I love looking through pictures Billa posts on his facebook page of the children to see if I recognize any of the clothes I brought. See if you recognize your child's shoes or clothes at

Here is a photo of the kids holding up a thank you sign for Mrs. McNeils's class.

Because of the generous donations of my friends and neighbors here in the DC area we were able to start a computer center for the children.

They are learning to read and write at the same time they are learning to speak English and the Leapster games and learning programs help to make this so much easier and more fun.

This is the computer center. Often shipping containers are used as buildings in Ghana.

Please don't store or throw away your old lap tops or learning games. I know some kids in Africa who could really use them. Email me at to arrange a pick up.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Paintings of the Medina Market

I just finished these paintings of women working at the Medina Market in Accra,Ghana. I love the vibrant colors and energy of the market.