Friday, September 6, 2013

Painting Brighter Futures LLC

It is official! I just incorporated Painting Brighter Futures LLC
 Painting Brighter Futures' mission is to paint brighter futures for the children living in extreme poverty by painting bright paintings and donating proceeds to help educate the children.
After many hours of research I decided that setting up a tax exempt charity here in the US would be a bureaucratic nightmare for me. I am and artist not an accountant. So, I will function as a small business which donates proceeds to a charity like Tom's shoes or Newman's Own salad dressing ( just much smaller and really different). I think the name is perfect. Painting Brighter Futures. It is so simple, I am selling my bright paintings to raise money for Future Leaders UCC. Educating children makes them brighter and gives them a chance for a brighter future. See perfect!

I bought the domain name up and running yet) Now I am busy learning and building a new website. Thank you, Ryan at for your practical help and tutorials. Now, I will be able to sell my paintings on line, take payments on line and eventually have a store where I can sell a wider range of products inspired by my art to help more kids have brighter futures. I am on a roll now. Maybe, I can raise money for needy kids all over the world! Woah, slow down, Adrienne. Focus right now on the very real opportunity you have in front of you. Raising money for Billa to buy the land he needs to build his dream of a children's center for the needy of Accra, Ghana. Billa dreams big too. But, based on the fact that he started teaching 5 kids under a mango tree and now teaches 170 a day in several open air classrooms, I believe he can do anything he sets his mind to. And I can too!
What a difference a year makes. This time last year I didn't know what I was going to do with the next chapter of my life. Now, thanks to all my life experiences, good and bad, I know what makes me feel happy and fulfilled and I know what doesn't. So, I am going to focus on what gives me real joy; painting what inspires me and helping children. Viola!

I feel like the kids in this picture right now.
If you want to share the joy and help my little friends in Ghana click here.