Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The shipment has sailed!

I am so excited. I just heard from Daniel (pictured here) that the shipment has sailed for Africa and should arrive in Ghana by the end of the month. YAY. I have been saving Ken's frequent flyer points for just this occasion. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I can fly to Ghana and be there to help unload the container and distribute the donations. 

I saved the best for last with a motor scooter for Billa Mahmud, founder of Future Leaders UCC. He does not have a car so now he will be able to scoot around the dirt roads to visit all the women who have been given microloans. The final count was 81 boxes containing: 8 sewing machines, 2 computers, clothes, shoes, backpacks, toys, a blender, schools supplies, text books, reading books, fabric, sewing notions, power converters, a filing cabinet and a motor scooter and more. I can't wait to see everything in Ghana!