Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The books are now going to Africa on the shipping container

They Are Off!!

The books and school supplies are on their way to Africa.

Daniel and his friends loaded this car full of books, then the car was driven on to the shipping container. Daniel will be using the car in Africa.

I had a very important job while the loading was going on. I got to hold precious little Hayden while his dad packed the boxes. Hayden's mom is Linda, the angel I met at Home Depot who has made this possible. Thank you Linda!!

There was a nice group of Ghanaian men helping to load the container. We chatted about Ghana and our favorite Ghanaian food. They were surprised to hear that my daughter knew how to pound Foofoo. I still haven't tried it.

I wish I was going on that ship to see my  little friends at Future Leaders UCC. Holding Hayden really made me miss them, Well, actually I missed them anyway. I am hoping to make a trip back in January. I will make sure to try Foofoo this time.

Bon Voyage!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this possible!