Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A gift of a wheelchair arrives in Ghana!

I have a fabulous heart warming story to share. This confirms my new motto; Tell everyone your dreams and they can come true!

Meet Marge Buzzelli, a retired school teacher. I told her about my project to help find books for the kids in Ghana and she just went crazy, in a great way; calling her friends at local schools asking for for donations. Well, while we were picking up donations at Wolftrap Elementary, we met Kwado, who works at the school and who is from Ghana. So of course I had to torture him with my attempt to speak Twi, and chat about Ghana. As we were leaving. He quietly mentioned that he was looking for  a wheelchair for his sister back in a village in Ghana. Without hesitating, I said, "We'll get you one".  I remembered that there were plenty around when I needed one for my father in law to use at my daughter's graduation. So Marge and I put the world out. Marge was determined to find one and called several friends.

 The next thing I knew, Marge's friends Judy and Frank Kenefick showed up at my house with a wheelchair. That actually bought a wheelchair on Craiglist, for a person they did not know. Heck they didn't even know me. Aren't they Amazing!

Here is Kwado, with the wheelchair when I brought it to him at Wolf Trap Elementary. While there I was chatting with Diane Long the school assistant and she offered to send out a message to other Fairfax County schools to see if they had lost and found items to donate. Yikes, did they. That is a long story for another blog but I will give you a hint that one email will end up providing coats and clothes from many kids in need from India to Darfur and the USA.

Here is Kwado's sister Adwoa (she has the same Ghanaian name as me, Monday born) with her new wheelchair and her children! She and her family are so happy. Ghanaians don't tend to have big toothy smiles in pictures like we do but trust me, she is very happy.

If you look at her legs you can tell that she has been crawling in the dirt since she became paralyzed from an illness at age 3. She has been crawling since age 3 and now she can sit in a chair! See how we can all make big a difference in someone else's life. Bless you and thank you so much Judy and Frank Kenefick and Marge Buzzelli. Isn't giving Fun!