Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little things Do mean a lot!

Our friends at Future Leaders UCC in Ghana just posted pictures of these little reading and writing booklets sent in the last shipment. I am glad that the little booklets mean a lot to them and a little thing like seeing a photo of their smiling faces using the books means a lot to me. I am sharing this with everyone who helped me get the donations to Africa and to everyone who might want to help in the future. We can each do a small thing which can have a big!

I picked up these handwriting books at the Five Below store in Northern Virginia and here they are helping the kids At Future Leaders UCC Ghana learn to write.
On my first trip to Ghana there were no workbooks and I had to write letter dots on scraps of paper for the kids trace.
These phonics books were rescued from a pile about to go to the recycle bin at a public school in Manasas, Virginia.

Please consider doing a little thing today to help children living in desperate poverty in Ghana and Kenya. Buy a pack of pencils, crayons or writing booklets next time you are at the store. Or, make a donation via Paypal to help us purchase books and pay for shipping. Every little bit helps.

Thank you!