Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paintings of Motherly Love

The first thing this morning I was happy to see a message from a woman who was interested in this painting of a woman carrying her baby on her back with a huge bag of fabrics on her head. I then realized that I only had one example of my African paintings on the blog. So I thought I would post a few of my paintings of African mothers and children.

The proceeds from the sale of these paintings go to Future Leaders UCC. Gicle prints are available when the original paintings are sold. These prices start lower than my normal prices because I want to sell a lot of paintings quickly to help Billa buy the land for his new school. It is hard to imagine that every child can't get an education. Billa is an angel for dedicating his life to help.

original Oil SOLD
limited edition prints available


Before I ever went to Ghana or even knew I would do this project, I asked my daughter, Alexandra to go out and photograph mothers and babies for me to paint.  I have loved paintings of mothers and children since I became a fan of Mary Cassatt as a teenage art student in Atlanta, Georgia.

This painting is from one of Alexandra's photos. I gave her a Canon EOS, just like mine for Christmas before she left for Africa. I am so glad I did, especially when my EOS died after my long  photo session at the school. Alex has become an amazing photographer.

That is all I have time to post tonight. I have so many paintings in various stages of completion......more to come.