Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pictures of the books and supplies in Africa

Here are a few pictures of the books and school supplies with the children at Future Leaders UCC.  Enjoy.

This is the first time that there was a text book for every student in a class. With phonics books for every level the kids can now advance at their own pace.

Children in Ghana with their new supplies.

Children at  Waples Mill Elementary School with the donations they collected.

The new reading  library in Ghana. Many of the parents in this area can not read and write themselves. Their options for employment are very, very limited. Now that their children are learning to read and write the family has a much greater chance for a better life. 

The kids holding up samples of the donations. If you give me a donation I will make sure that it ends up in the hands of a child in need. It will not go to waste sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Even if they had the money to buy these books, which would be an enormous amount to them,  there is no where around to buy them.

In this picture  the teacher in the back holds up a teacher's manual. Teachers are very hard to find, money to pay teachers is very hard to raise . Imagine the help it will be for a teacher with very little or no training a to have a book with prepared lessons for every day of the year.

The learning games have been especially helpful with the one on one sessions with volunteers.

The little structure to the right is a typical classroom. Without this special place where poor children can learn for free and get a meal each day,  they would most likely go hungry and be out on the street.

I am going to continue to collect for Future Leaders. With 170 children at the center and many more on the waiting list the need is still great. I am looking for learning games, lap top computers, books, clothes, shoes, school supplies, sewing machines and soccer balls. Please email me if you have anything to donate.