Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm so Inspired to paint!

I have been so inspired to paint since I returned from Africa last week (and pretty jet lagged) that I have been up at the crack of dawn many mornings painting. Ken thought it was so funny to see me with "bed head" painting in my pajamas one morning that he took this picture. You can see my dog Leo on the couch, he has been glued to my side since I returned. I missed him too.
I am working on two paintings at the same time.  When I took the reference photo for the painting below (still in progress) I knew immediately it was worth the trip to Africa. The morning after I arrived I realized that I needed to buy phone credit for Alexandra's Ghanaian phone, which I use while in Africa. Normally the hotel has everything I need but they didn't have phone credit for the particular company we use. I had to venture out on the streets alone. I put on my "brave cap" and headed out. If my daughter could manage the streets alone for the 6 months she lived here I could go out and buy something by myself.  Next to the hotel is a fruit and vegetable market that has always caught my eye as painting inspiration. I saw this woman shucking corn with her baby on her back and asked her where I could buy some phone credits. After some miming and pointing to my phone, she pointed down the road. I thanked her in Twi and asked her if I could take a picture of  her baby. She smiled ( silly white lady) and went back to work. I was able to take a photo which captured the moment and more. Her smiling at my silly request, her hands busy with her work, her baby dozing on her back and all of the other venders and customers in the background.  I couldn't wait to start.

 I took a roll of canvas and tacked it to a large board. I started my market scene on the top and another I had been planning to paint from one of Alexandra's market pictures on the bottom.

As financially poor as Ghana may be, it is REAL, it is Beautiful, it is Colorful and it Inspires Me!
Inspires me to Paint and Inspires me to Help.
Adrienne Wyman Kralick