Thursday, September 19, 2013

Books from Baldwin Elementary!

Today I picked up a carload of school books that were no longer needed at Baldwin Elementary School in Manassas, Virginia. I am over the moon happy and grateful. They are amazing books! There are teachers manuals, text books, work books, reading books and more. These will be invaluable to my friend Billa who is trying to provide a free education for children living in extreme poverty. When I say extreme poverty, I mean extreme. Children who go without food, sleep on the floor in shacks made of scrap wood and metal sheets. Many of their parents can't read and write and have never gone to school themselves. That kind of extreme poverty. There is no government agency funding him, no large organization backing him. He is just one man, from a poor background himself, trying to help children who otherwise would have no chance at an education. There is no teacher's supply store near him, no book stores, nowhere he could buy these quality books even if he did have the money and it would take a lot of money to buy books like these. I can't wait for him to see them.

This is a perfect example of why I tell anyone who will listen about my project to help the kids at Future Leaders UCC. Because I talked to Diane Angba, who works for the school system, while at a friend's house one night, she was kind enough to make a phone call to the right person who directed me to this jackpot!

 So to the parents and staff at Baldwin Elementary,  Monica Helper with the Manassas school district and Diane Angba,  these are the beautiful children your books are helping. Thank You!

I want to get this blog out and get back to sorting books so I will post more later about how these books will help.