Saturday, July 26, 2014

My husband and son contribute their computer skills to help the cause

 My husband and son are spending Saturday morning repairing old computers and printers to send to the little computer lab at Future Leaders in Ghana and to the local public school in Teshie.

Father and son help needy children in Africa by repairing old computers.

Stephen Kralick is a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech studying computer engineering and my husband is an Informational Technology executive at IBM so this is perfect way for them to help the children in Africa with their education.

Virginis Tech sophomore is helping his mother help a charity in Ghana Africa my repairing and recycling computers.

Technology and Art together - My son is sitting under one of my African oil paintings while trying to take the working pieces from two different broken hard drives and make them work together.

These computers are being recycled by the Kralick family and are going to school that provide free education to needy children in Ghana, West Africa.
My kitchen is full of computers and printers but recycling these by sending them on to the schools in Ghana that don't have any computers at all is a win win. They are not doing any good sitting in my basement.

Future Leaders in Ghana helps needy children get an education for free.

Here is a picture of the little computer lab at Future Leaders UCC in Teshie where many of the new technology will go. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to travel to Africa and help set up the new ones.