Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A new school for the needy children is a dream come true

There is so many exciting things going on right now in my project, Painting Brighter Futures for the kids at Future Leaders Underprivileged Children's Center in Ghana.

This is  a picture of the children on the land that will one day be a school for them. A place where all the local kids who can't afford the minimal fees needed to attend the public school, can come and learn for FREE. Billa's Maumud's dream is coming true.  His dream of a school where all children can learn no matter how poor.  He has met with the village elders, negotiated a deal and received the money needed for his down payment. The kids were so excited to take rides in trotroes(little African mini buses) to stand on the land and sing songs and dance.

For perspective, right now these little structures on a rented property serve as classrooms for 150 children. There are 130 kids on the waiting list. These are children who cannot afford to go to public school and  would not a chance at an education if it were not for Billa Mahmud and his Future Leaders Children's Center. With the new land, the money being spent on rent can now go to educate more children. 

Billa has come a long way since he starting to teach 5 street kids under this mango tree. He is a real example of how one person, with a dream can make a big difference.

Here are some pictures of the kids with new clothes send from the UK. I can't wait to see pictures of their smiling faces when the donations I am sending in August get there.

I am shipping these boxes in August. They have quickly taken over my garage.

I have a minion of angels now out there collecting donations for the kids. In this picture retired school teacher Marge Buzzelli drops off school supplies,

More later, my friend Rhonda Amoroso is just pulling up with donations of clothes and another sewing machine. We now have 6 machines going to the sewing center where parents are learning a vocation for free.