Monday, August 4, 2014

Painting Gift for those who Give school supplies

I just went back to school shopping at 5Below and got some great deals for the shipment going to the kids in Africa this weekend. For those of you who have asked me how you can help, stop by 5 Below and pick up a few back packs, pairs of shoes, white board markers or writing booklets. Feel free to drop them off anytime. I am usually home everyday painting or working on the computer.  I will give each person who buys school supplies this limited edition print as a gift.

 Babies, oil painting by Adrienne kralick

Backpacks for the children at Future Leaders in Ghana.
This is what I bought today at 5Below.  The quality is really amazing for $5. I also bought pencil sharpeners, writing booklets and white board markers.

Last year, I sent handwriting booklets and they were very helpful. Those have already been used up and they need more.  I bought a bunch of these today at 5Below for just $2.50 each. I could use tons more.
 The first time I went to Ghana, the children stood in line, waiting to hand me their own tattered little packet of paper, so that I could give them "homework". I flipped through to find a page or part of a page free so that I could make dots in the shape of letters so that they could practice their letters. I couldn't believe it. They did not even have their own notebook or handwriting booklet.

These shoes were also $5. I bought these for my little friend Mary. I am hoping to get more for the other children.

The deadline to get this shipment off is this coming Saturday August 9th. Call me if you have anything to donate or need a pick up. Thank you!!! Adrienne 571-437-5060