Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shipping to Ghana in August

Word has spread and I now have a minion of angels out collecting donations for the needy families in Ghana. Someone stops by at least once a day to drop something off and I love the company of  like minded people. We all hate to see the excesses here in America go to waste when there are people who really need them. 

What started out as just a pile has now filled my garage. Good thing it is summer and the cars can go outside.

Marge Buzzelli, is a former school teacher and has been going to various schools like Wolf Trap Elementary and Oak Hill Elementary to collect material from the teachers as they clean out their classrooms for the summer.

Anne Marquis works at The Closet, a resale shop in Herndon, VA and has been buying books and sewing machines for Future Leaders. Yup, she has been shopping her store, plus garage sales and church flea markets. One Saturday,  my son ran into her at a garage sale when they were both reaching for the same books. When she mentioned she was shopping for kids in Ghana. He said, "Oh those are for my mom", and they became shopping buddies and were able to carry more books together.   Here is Anne dropping off a sewing machine with my husband Ken.

I discovered a great way to get clothes for the kids. The school lost and founds! Here is a picture of the big bag of sweatshirts I am washing to get them nice and clean for the kids. 


There is so much more to say, but so little time. There is big news about the land for the school and so much to do to get ready for the next shipment. I will try to blog more on a regular basis now that so much is going on.

Oh and Today I am selling this print to help raise funds to ship the donations. To learn more go to my store