Thursday, May 2, 2013

Packing Panic

This happens each time I go to Ghana. A week before I am planning to leave I get a sense of panic. I am afraid that I am not going to have enough to bring. Then, in the last few days, I get so many wonderful donations that I can't take them all. I have sent a request to Lufthansa and hope they will sponsor my efforts so I can take it all.

This was my front hall this morning. I was overwhelmed. Since I am traveling alone this time I can only take two bags and a carry on. The first extra bag is $100, the second is $200. Keep your fingers crossed that Lufthansa decides to sponsor my efforts. There is no corporate funding. This is just me, one mom, plus her amazing friends and neighbors, trying to make a difference in the lives of some precious, very poor children.

I used every available inch including putting toothpaste and fruit snacks in these wonderful shoes Lisa Fox bought.

I have become a packing master but still had to limit the donations to only the most important school supplies and I still have three 50 lb bags. The problem is, that I have to fit a weeks worth of clothes for Ghana and Dubai in a carry on. Time to get creative with my wardrobe. I wish I could take all the toys and art supplies but they will have to wait for next time.

That's all for tonight. Tomorrow the adventure begins.

Oh and off the top of my head........
Thank you to Lisa Fox for the huge haul of school supplies and great sneakers and Kerry Nickolich for all the school supplies, and Mary Harris for the big bag of backpacks, and Mary Nadaff and her twins for buying clothes for the twins at the school, and Rhonda Amoroso, Gail Magnani, Alexandra Kralick and Barbara Hippe for donating computers and Meredith Manii and all her frends who donated Leapsters and my friends Anne Avart and Eileen Koefoot for donating Leapsters and Betsy Rock for the back packs and Cookie Smith for the learning materials and Kay Russel for the educational software, Ken Kralck for the frequent flyer points, Stephen and Ken Kralick for your time loading software.......more to come.