Sunday, April 28, 2013

Countdown to Ghana

There are just four days to go until I leave for Ghana and there is still so much to do. Yesterday, I picked up my anti-malaria meds and after an hour on the phone with the airlines, Ken finally got my ticket mix up fixed. Thank goodness he found out that there was no record of my flight segment on the Luftansa portion from Frankfurt to Ghana before I arrived there- yikes that could have been a problem.

Today we hit the jackpot at the local dollar store. We bought headphones so the kids can work on the computer games without disturbing others. I found draw string back packs that will be good for the little ones to carry their books to school. For some reason backpacks are a real treasure to these kids. I promised a little girl I would find her a pink backpack and then when I went shopping I realized that backpacks are not in season right now. This is America. I will find one by Friday.  I got such a thrill filling my cart with pencils, crayons, erasers, work books and more.

When we stopped off at Home Depot to pick up a new chain saw, Ken's birthday present, I was so excited about my trip that I walked up and down the aisles looking for Charles who is from Ghana and works in the paint department so I could practice my Twi with him. I have been listening to Alexandra's Twi language CD's while I drive in the car, work in the garden or go for my morning walk with my dog Leo. I am surprised at how quickly it is coming to me. But I must sound pretty silly walking through the woods saying......"Wo te brafo annaaaahhhhh?"  I actually find it easier than French and kind of fun. There aren't all the masculine and feminine tenses and many times the word sounds like the meaning you are trying to get across. cacra = little, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee= a lot. I have no idea how any of this is supposed to be spelled. My apologies to any Ghanaian reading this.

Tonight we are working with a bit of a deadline. My husband Ken, the computer expert in the house, is leaving for Dubai tomorrow and I have been having a few problems installing the educational software on the computers. ...........Hooray, as I type, Ken just got the Jump Start Phonics program installed. Things should move quicker now.

This is Ken as he works on the computers even though he is exhausted from a busy day of yard work. Good thing he loves yard work, computers and me.:)

Well that is all for tonight. Tomorrow I need to Stop shopping and Start packing. I need to make sure I can get everything into 2 suitcases and stay under 50lbs each. My clothes for the trip will just have to go in my carry on. Wish me luck.

It is 3am now and finally all the software works. It brought back such fond memories when we heard the little songs we used to hear as our kids would sit at the desk in our kitchen learning and playing with the same games. I really think this will help the kids learn to read and speak English much quicker and easier.