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With my sweet friends in Ghana.
The kids love to look at their pictures on my phone.
My son and his girlfriend sort donations.
The kids holding donations and a thank you sign for the class at Waples Mill who donated clothes.
The bags of donations in Billa's office in Ghana
Little Alfred got some new clothes.
Akua got a back pack.
Here I am giving Billa some school supplies.
I came home to find these boxes of donations from Waples Mill Elementary kids.
My friends bought t-shirts for the kids.
I bought some candy from this woman for the children.
Some of the girls in Ghana. They each wear the same dress every day and most don't fit well.
I feel so loved when visiting. The kids love to be near me.
My daughter tutoring Abigail.
My daughter doing after school art with the local kids.
I am so happy playing with the children.
Billa came to my hotel for breakfast to discuss the project.
This woman was selling ice cream. I really wanted to buy some for the kids but there are just too many children.
My husband and I pose with my daughter's host family when she lived in Ghana.
At breakfast with Billa.
This photo is from trip number two to Ghana. It was a tough one with: flight delays, a missed connection in Frankfurt, a reroute through London. We arrived a quite tired an a day late.

Billa came to the hotel to pick up the donations.

Suitcases full of sorted donations.
A typical store and homes near the center.
A typical street on the way to the center.
My husband Ken stayed up until 3am loading children's educational software on the laptops we were bringing to Ghana.
An unusual sight. This is the view from our hotel near the center. A man with a machete cuts the little patch of grass at the hotel in front of an open sewer ditch.

Last minute donations from my friends are always a welcome surprise.
I can find room for pencils and toothpaste in the strangest locations.

On trip number three and four, Billa picked me and he donations up at the airport in his van/school bus. This plan works out well and it is so nice to see his friendly face when I arrive.

My big bags of donations. Luftansa let me take the extra bag for free!
Billa and his friends with the van at the airport.
Best hugs in the world. I miss them.

This computers and learning games I brought.
Some of the young volunteers invited me to a rice lunch.
I did not realize that rice was a luxury to the kids when I gave them my bowl. They were very hungry and very grateful.
Billa helps the kids learn to use the learning games and computer for the first time.
It was such a joy for me to watch them pick up technology they had never seen before so quickly.
The girls were mesmerized by the Leapster.

I rode the school bus home with the kids.

The kids held hands and walked home together. Cars did not stop, there were no cross walks or parent's waiting.
I love looking down to see a sweet face asking to be loved.
Or two...
Yes, people do live there, a whole family in fact.
Happy twins Felix and Annabelle got gifts from twins in Virginia.
Kids helping kids.
Happy girls.
The children work hard and really want to learn.
Happy to get a fruit snack treat.
The school bus.
Billa started it all by playing football with the kids. "Come to learn and then you can play"
Some of the paintings I am selling to raise funds for the UCC.
Painting in my home.
Great find, books in the US that were going to be thrown away.
Several car loads from Manassas to my garage.

Books sorted by grade and subject.
Sweet boy with a drawing for me.

Because of donations from kind people in Europe Billa can now feed the children every day!

Mary was going to be kicked out of the public school because she didn't have her book fees. Only $35 and she was able to stay. She is so grateful and tells Billa to say Thank You to Madame every time she sees him