Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Lost and Found Lady

Just when I got all of the books out of the garage, (78 boxes are now at the storage unit waiting for the shipping day) I started to get calls from local elementary schools that they had bags of clothes and coats to donate from their Lost and Found. And when I say bags, I mean bags and bags and bags of great stuff. There were even brand new shoes! 

 I am taking out the lightweight jackets and clothes, washing them and then packing them to go to Africa. Luckily the ship has not sailed yet so I will be able to bring these to the container on loading day.

But what do I do with the heavy winter clothes? Yesterday, I got a call from a local children's charity and I was planning to give them the winter coats, hats and gloves until I found out that they just turn around and SELL them to a store which them SELLS them to the needy. Oh, no, you don't. These clothes were GIVEN to me for free and will be GIVEN to the needy for FREE.

But where do I find people who need winter clothes. Then Voila, just today, I just met two women from Darfur while they were picking up school supplies from the same school as I for a village school they are helping back in Darfur. We starting chatting, I had recently read the book What is the What  by Dave Eggers, a memoir about one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, and was able to speak with some knowledge about the hardships of refugees in South Sudan. These women know a great many refugee families who arrive in America with little more than the clothes on their backs and NEED winter clothes for their kids. BINGO! The winter clolthes have found a new home. The lightweight clothes go to needy kids in Africa and the heavy weight clothes go to Africans living in America, how apropos!

Time to start sorting and washing!