Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Collecting Computers for Children

I am always asking Billa, the Founder of Future Leaders Underprivileged Children's Center in Ghana if there is anything I can get for him. There is no Target or Office Depot where he can run out and buy school supplies even if he had the money. The school is funded by donations. I felt so bad when I was there and saw the tattered notebooks that have been used over and over again, the broken and cracked chalk tablets from another century and the irrelevant flash cards "I is for Igloo". So, Billa asked if I could find some computers so he could set up a computer center. He never asks for anything and I was excited to help. That is a fabulous idea! It would be so much easier for the kids to learn on fun, interactive learning programs just like my children did. All I had to do was post my request on Facebook and the next day I had a wonderful laptop donated by fellow Oakton, Virginai resident,  Barbare Hippe and promises for more.  So, I am asking everyone in the DC area to clean out their closets and basements and contact me to pick up your old, working computer, laptop, learning center or learning program. I hope to hand deliver and set up the computers, (I miss the kids) then post pictures so you can see you donation being used by a grateful child. Contact me at adrienneartist@gmail.com. 

Thanks!     Adrienne Kralick

This is the first painting I sold of one of the children at Future Leaders. Prints are available for $50 and proceeds go to the center.